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lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

My iMac is going to have one year since it is with me. During this year I have had many hair changes. My hair has been blonde, dark, light brown and had lights. To very long to pixie hair. I don't regret anything. I love my hair.

My first picture.

Last year, my hair was very long and with lights.

During march, my hair was dark brown/chocolate.

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I dyed my hair again black xD

On july...i had this crazy idea...that I wanted medium hair..and dark brown.

But..I wasn't happy and Emma Watson's pixie hair in Seventeen June-July Issue was haunting me...so i finally cut my hair.

But to be really honest...i don't like dark hair on me. I love blonde hair but right now I'm trying this new color: caramel.

So I hope you enjoy my crazy hair experience as me.

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  1. pues te dire que luces preciosa en todos los cortes, quien fuera tu!! me gusta mucho el pixie hair, ademas seguro es bien comodo de llevar :3

  2. wow jaja me gustaron todos los cambios de look haha pero si el pixie se te ve bastante bien y eso qe no es fácil de llevar y no a quien sea le qeda, creo qe tienes qe tener como que mucha actitud haha

  3. Prrreciosaa! :) A mi me encanta tu look del fb! :)
    Te ves hermosa estés como estés.


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