Inspiration: Classic & Elegant

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

(images from tumblr)

I’m so sorry for not posting anything on the week. I feel a bad blogger. I was just so full of school projects: I had to make a website and design a book about my life; it was also my boyfriend’s birthday and to top it all I got sick for not eating a thing because of the stress I had.

Now, these pictures represent the things I like. I’ve always been a fan of history and mostly of the period time. My favorite movies are period ones, mostly 2005’s Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley. I’m not a fan of white as you may know, but I love beige and most when it comes with lace.

Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong time, I would have loved being in the XVIII or XIX century in England. Though women weren’t important back then, I think that period is really where I’d fit.

All these pictures represent me. Feminine, simple and classic. 

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Monday Morning

viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

I was wearing:
Jeans-American Eagle
Necklace-Forever 21
Cat Eye Sunglasses-ASOS

Last monday, I wore this outfit to school. I really wanted to go very comfortable and simple. A pair of jeans, a black blouse and big jewelry.  About the heels, they are an imitation of Jeffrey Campbell. My little brother bought to me for Christmas on a chinese site. I don't remember very well the link, sorry guys.  I love this heels so much because it makes me look very tall. I was feeling like a model last monday.

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Pretty in Pink~

domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

I was wearing:
Pink Pants-Forever 21
Blouse-Charlotte Russe
Shoes-Local Store
Watch-Betsey Johnson

OH MY GOD! Two entries on the day, so if you're reading this go to the next entry so you can read it. 

Now to the entry....

I love my new pink jeans <3 Everything is about pastels right now. So I really need to have one pants of this color. I remembered perfectly last year that I saw one image of Cameron Diaz with this color of  pants with a basic white shirt and a brown blazer. Since that image I searched by sky and earth this jeans, now I finally have one. 

What I really like about this outfit also is my shoes. They are so comfortable and I could walk miles with them. I hope you really like them.

The next entry of Day 2 of Las vegas will be during these days :D Love you all.


Love you Now

I'm so happy right now because today I'm having three months with my boyfriend.  This is going to be a cheesy entry but i don't care is my blog after all right, followers?

He is everything to me. He is so good to me and support me with all my dreams and work. He knows I'm a very busy and independent woman thanks to my work, school, personal projects and even blog and sometimes I don't have any time for him. Also he is really the number one fan of the blog. 

I love him very much because my last relationship was a disaster but now thanks to God I have this wonderful boy with me by my side.

I love you very much baby~ 


Las Vegas Part.1 /Look of The day

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

Las Vegas!

For me, Vegas means family. Everytime my mom, my brother and I go we stay at my aunt Hilda's house with my cousins. We cook lots of food, go shopping, and watch some movies at night. We never visited a casino because we were too young for it, and neither to a show because my mom thinks it's too expensive, but this time was different. My brother and my cousin Paulina have both 18 and I have 20, maybe we still can't play at casinos but we do can walk the streets and laugh at the madness Vegas is. 

I'll tell you how my first day went.  

After five hours of car traveling we arrived from Mexicali to Las Vegas. We got to my aunt's house, and since it was Good Friday, we ate fish tacos. They tasted really good actually, and so we talked about the latest months of our lives. We cleaned up everything and went shopping. Unfortunately, some Kenneth Cole heels I wanted weren't my size, too sad, really. My brother found some good offers at American Apparel and Quicksilver, and I left empty-handed. 

At night we went to walk Las Vegas Boulevard. I loved watching all the dresses women were wearing, some gorgeous and some vulgar. After that, we went to Bellagio's water show. It was amazing. We kept walking, such a big experience watching all of it. I can't wait to be 21 to go. 

My outfit was casual because I wanted to be comfortable enough to walk around the city and the 5 hours of journey. My family made fun of me for wearing a blazer and a scarf, because according to them it wasn't cold, but oh suprise it was. So I was warm too. 

This was my first day, next entry I'll tell you about my second day :D. 


Las Vegas~~

sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

Right now I'm in Las Vegas with my family for spring break. I will show my looks and pictures when I go home. I have family here so we are staying in their home. I'm having a lot of fun. Las Vegas is so beautiful on day and night.

This is me on a Casino posing to the camera. Well this is a very short entry and thanks very much for the comments and everything.


Look//Black Jesus + Amen Fashion

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

When one of my best friends, Brianda,  saw this dress on Forever 21, she said "This dress is so Avi".  So she bought for me. I was so happy when she gave me the dress. It is so beautiful and classic. I didn't have any event to worn it but two days ago was my dad's birthday so I worn it to his party.

All day I was so happy with my dress but when I decided to take the pictures for the blog, strong winds came. It was so difficult to take the pictures. All my neighbors were screaming to me "Pose like Marilyn Monroe". My boyfriend was laughing so hard. I was so embarrassed.  I hope you like this dress so much like me.

Also sorry guys if i haven't comment any new entries on your blog. I will try tonight to read all yours :D thanks.


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