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lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

When one of my best friends, Brianda,  saw this dress on Forever 21, she said "This dress is so Avi".  So she bought for me. I was so happy when she gave me the dress. It is so beautiful and classic. I didn't have any event to worn it but two days ago was my dad's birthday so I worn it to his party.

All day I was so happy with my dress but when I decided to take the pictures for the blog, strong winds came. It was so difficult to take the pictures. All my neighbors were screaming to me "Pose like Marilyn Monroe". My boyfriend was laughing so hard. I was so embarrassed.  I hope you like this dress so much like me.

Also sorry guys if i haven't comment any new entries on your blog. I will try tonight to read all yours :D thanks.


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  1. me encantan tus fotos y la luz que sacas!! muy guapaa ;)


  2. wow! los zapatos se te ven hermosos! nos gusta mucho tu blog, ojalá puedas paras al nuestro y si quieres podemos seguirnos!!
    Saludos <3

  3. You look lovely !! Love the Mary Jean shoes !!
    Following you hon !! xx

  4. Hubieras posado como Marilyn Monroe!!! jijijij
    y ahora voy conociendo más tus gustos!
    Saludos Avi!

  5. que cute te ves.. y sí!!! jaja hubieras hecho pose marilyn.. el viento ha estado fatal estos días, con suerte se quitará pronto.. aunque no soy fan de que llegue el tradicional calorón a mxli...
    algun día iremos a coachella, yo tampoco podré ir este año, soy artista pobre.. gracias por el comment, cuando gustes un vestido sólo avisame..ya tienes mi facebook ;) o si no te presto para alguno de tus outfit posts, estaría cool no?

  6. I love your hair!


  7. Such a pretty outfit; the dress is very elegant and the shoes are so cute and feminine <3

  8. What a pretty dress! You look lovely!

    xo Jennifer


  9. si es taan avi jaja, super clásico, romántico con toque chic jeje

  10. Aw man, that would be embarrassing! Haha, but the photos turned out good :)
    I love this dress, its so pretty! Great red accessories too with your heels <3

    Trendy Teal

  11. The dress is beautiful, I love how you added color with the shoes!
    Your outfit is gorgeous, now following :)

  12. great look honey, i really love this dress!!
    nice to meet your blog :P


  13. i love this dress, it's very cute! and indeed just perfect for you!
    and I'm happy I just found your blog, I really like your style! I just had to follow you ;-)
    if you've some time, I'd be happy about a visit of you on my blog too! I'm writing about fashion and culture (opera, concerts, theatre etc.) ;-)

    xxx Anita

  14. that dress is stunning! love the collar detail and it just fits so well on you. Definitely a twist to the classic black little dress. Love it!

  15. Me encantan los detalles en el vestido y el toque de los zapatos :)

  16. haha i know that feeling when weather conditions just don't let you to pose in an acceptable way!!! :D but still.... you look amazing :)
    xxx love



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