My 1920s BDAY party!

martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

{My best friends and me on our costumes}
I was wearing:
Dress, bracelet, earring and headpiece from Rent Amé
Vintage Shoes

Yesterday was my birthday! I'm 23. Holy jesus!When did this happened?? hahahaI am going to tell you about my birthday party.

Something you need to know about me is that I love themes parties. They are fun and hilarious.This year I was so inspired by The Great Gatsby and Midnight in Paris. I love the 1920s. Everything was shiny, glamorous, and even sexy. 

This birthday party was before moving out to Scottsdale. It was also my farewell party and it was the perfect occasion to say goodbye to my friends and family. I was so glad everybody dressed up to the occasion. It was fun to see my friends on tuxedo and the girls with little black dresses, wigs and pearls.

I got my costume done thanks to Celeste from Rent Amé. It is a store from my hometown where you can rent dresses for any occasion. It includes the jewelry and bag. The idea is awesome cause sometimes you only need a dress for a party or for a wedding, and you don't want to spend a lot of money on a dress you're only going to use once.

My best friend Metzli got my hair done, and I did my own makeup. 
It was smoky eyes and dark lips, which is how they use the makeup back then.

The party was very fun.
At the end of the night, I almost cried when I realized it was the last time I was going to see a lot of my friends in a long time.

Have a wonderful day/night!

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Adiós Mexicali, Hello Scottsdale!

jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

La vida da muchas vueltas. Ni se imaginan hacia donde la vida me ha dirigido. 
La razón por la que he estado desaparecida casi un mes es que me mude a Scottsdale, Arizona porque conseguí un trabajo genial aquí. 
Deje a mi México querido para irme a otro desierto en Estados Unidos, cuando podré vivir en un bosque encantado...  

Apenas voy a cumplir la semana aquí y puedo decir que me gusta mucho mi nueva vida ahorita (aunque mi departamento este vacío y viva del restaurante de mi roomie jajaja).

Van a notar un gran cambio en el blog. 
Desde nuevos paisajes, nuevo estilo de ropa y mis nuevas experiencias. 
Ahorita mismo no tengo fotógrafo para los posts de lookbook pero eso no quita que pueda escribir en el blog mis nuevas petite aventuras, DIYS para decorar mi nuevo hogar y que conozcan conmigo Scottsdale. 

Saludos a todos!
Poco a poco regresaré a la vida, por mientras pueden seguir mi nueva vida por instagram @ladyavi


Life changes a lot. I never thought I would living in another desert.
The reason I was lost for a month is because I just moved out to Scottsdale, Arizona a week ago. 
I got a wonderful job. 

I left my dear México to United States. From a mexican desert to an american desert. 
When will I be able to live in the enchanted forest?

You are going to notice a huge change on the blog.
New style, New places, New experiences. 
Right now I don't have a photographer for the lookbook post but that will not stop me from writing on the blog and talk about my new American life. 
You are going to meet Scottsdale with me.

See ya soon and you can follow my new life on my Instagram @ladyavi



lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

This post is sponsored however all opinions are my own. Powered by BrandBacker

Last week I was given the chance to try the Exuviance Perfomance Peel and to take their peel challenge. I was kinda scared to be honest with you guys. It was going to be my first peel. I just heard horrible and bad experiences with this process on the face. 

You may heard me talk about my skin issues on the blog before. I had a lot of acne at my teens.  My skin is very oil and swearing. I need to take care of my face a lot. I always wear sunscreen on my face. So this peel challenge was going to be a whole new experience.  

Now my experience with Exuviance was good. It burn a little bit after the 10 minutes mark.  After that I applied the neutralizer and like a miracle, my skin felt calm and new. It was pretty amazing.  Then I applied Evening Restorative Complex and my skin was flawless. The process is very easy and is worthy. 

After the peel challenge I notice some improvements in my skin. My face was glowing. My horrible pores were definitely minimized.  Now I can take beautiful selfies :P

If you're interested in taking the peel challenge and trying the Exuviance Performance Peel, you can order it here.
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