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viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

Online Shopping!

Lately I’ve seen a lot of blogs or people I know buying everything on the internet. It’s a growing phenomenon. My online shopping experience has been good. Everything arrives the day it must, good material, they fit me and nothing’s gone wrong. Unlike my brother, who’s ordered clothes and they never arrive, it’s not what he expected, they took months to reach its destination, and all kind of tragedies.

What are the pros of buying clothes/accessories/shoes online?

Very few people will have them too. You’ll feel special and when they answer where you bought it, you’ll tell on the internet, and they will be surprised.

Sometimes at your favorite stores, like Forever 21, there will be special clothes you can only buy online. Also, if you subscribe to their website, you’ll get coupons, which will make your buying better.

What are the cons of buying online?

Maybe you don’t like it, it’s not what you expected, bad quality, or it doesn’t fit you. That’s why it’s better to read the feedback or comments you get from other people about the store. There are a lot of reviews around the internet recommending you good stores to buy.

Recommended websites to buy nice clothes with affordable prices!


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  1. tambien cuando tienen shipping costs elevados es lo peor hahaha por lo general siempre he tenido una buena experiencia, si tan solo todo tuviera free shipping worldwide haha

  2. I love to shop online, we don't have a lot of the gorgeous shops like forever21 and jcrew in Germany - and so online shopping is the only alternative ;-)

    xxx Anita

  3. A veces me dan ganas de comprar online, pero no sé :(. Sólo lo he hecho dos veces, una fue para comprar el Office lol, y otra fue para comprar unos peluches :3, pero la ropa de forever21 me encanta... Sólo que no sé, no sé :(.


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