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lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

1. Loques. My magazine.
2. My boyfriend gave me a pink rose for St. Valentine's Day.
3. Typography Books
4. My classroom
5. Flowers.
6. The new book i'm reading right now.
7. Tacos <3 data-blogger-escaped-br=""> **

Last week passed so fast. Every photo in this entry was from my week, I wanted to portray how my daily life is. Basically this year has been a series of feelings and new experiences. It’s only been two months and they were crazy, I can’t wait to see how this year is going to turn out.

The “Loques” Magazine received really good reviews, many printing presses and people congratulated me. I feel like a proud mother. It’s always been my dream to work at a magazine and have it printed on my own hands; it was a big mix of emotions. Yes, it had its mistakes, mostly orthographic ones, but the design was really well received, even the most demanding design teacher congratulated me. So, if you’re from Mexicali, look for it.

Finally, I want to thank with all my heart every person who comment my entries, it makes my heart race, I get so excited seeing all your comments, and you also make me love my blog even more. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a blog, and you guys make it possible. It’s a small blog, like its writer, but it’s made with love. I would really love to know more about you, and if you want to know more about me feel free to leave your questions, and in a future I’ll make a F.A.Q.

Again, thank you very much <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Some important announcements:

*Go into Meraki. It’s a photography, science, movies and books forum, it’s very interesting. It’s in Spanish though, sorry :/.

*Again, like my Facebook page to see more updates! :D

6 comentarios:

  1. Tacos :3 <3 xDDDD.

    Me alegró mucho por ti, mono! Que bueno que tanta gente te felicitó :). Sólo necesitabas creer un poco en ti :D. Te dije que eras buena y mira :3. Muero por tener mi Loques D:

    Me gustan tus fotos :3, sobre todo la del libro :D.

  2. Muchas Felicidades Avi!!!
    y muy bonitas fotos!!
    Saludos :D

  3. Yo tengo mi revista :D
    quedó muy suave, felicidades!!
    lo único pues la ortografía :) pero el diseño muy bien
    mi hermana también la miro y reconoció a varios amigos
    de ella en las fotos que salen :P

    Tu salón todo cómodo y motivador :c
    Se ven muy ricos los tacos :( quierooo

    Yo estoy al pendiente de tu blog, me gusta leerlo :]~
    saludooos, Avi!

  4. Me enactan las fotos! Y quiero comerme ese taco de carne asada con frijoles! mmm que rico! x

  5. hey yo salgo en esa revista! ;) no sabía que tú eras de las diseñadoras del layout

  6. Me encantan las fotos! en especial las dos de flores :)
    Ylenia / Ambitieuse


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