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miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

Despite the blog being about my personal style, it’s also a space to talk about my feelings… I haven’t been feeling really fine this week. I’m having economic issues,  I don’t feel so creative like I did before, I don’t like my closet at all, now thanks to the blog I’m more conscious of my body. If you would’ve met me two years ago, you wouldn’t have recognized me. I was size 0-2, a little bit smaller, I was a stick. No hips, no back. Nothing.  My hair was long and golden naturally. I’ve gained weight; I have big legs, big hip, big back, and a round face. Some people tell me I look better now because I used to look sick and too skinny, but others tell me I look fat… Now I’m insecure about my body. And whenever I try on clothes, I don’t like anything because I don’t want to ask for a bigger size,  therefore I don’t buy…

My hair lost its shine thanks to the million colors I’ve dyed it these past years, and now I’m in the process of getting it back,

Right now I’m not comfortable with my style, body and money. Sorry for venting. 



Para mis lectores que hablan español, hace unos días me hicieron una entrevista para Fashion Blog México. Si quieren conocerme un poco más, la entrevista lo hará. Muchas Gracias, Fashion Blog México.

Dale Click Aquí para Leerla

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  1. La entrevista genial!
    Un besito guapa!


  2. Preciosa, a veces tenemos esas malas rachas que se nos junta todo, pero no dejes que eso merme tu creatividad. Eres hermosa tal y como eres, que no tengas una talla 0 no te hace gorda, muchas chicas somos curveaditas naturalmente, y depende de nosotras sentirnos orgullosas de ser así y romper con tanto estereotipo.
    Los problemas monetarios están a la orden del día, eso es una pena sin duda, pero no te preocupes, que pronto todo irá mejor :)
    si quieres hablar me abres un inbox en facebook, eh? Pero no te quiero ver así.
    Un abrazote virtual, banana.

  3. Aw Avi, I know its hard to stay positive about your body image, but believe me - you look beautiful!
    Listen to the people who say you look healthy. Because it's true. Being curvier is better in my opinion - and according to my guy friends, guys think so too ;)
    Hope you get your inspiration back, and remember: Comparison is the thief of happiness!

    Trendy Teal

  4. Beatiful sunglasses! So feminine!

    Daria from

  5. Looove these sunglasses!
    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  6. Avi, no dejes que un par de situaciones quiebren tu espíritu, mantente positiva y recuerda que el cómo se solucionen nuestros problemas depende en mucho de nosotros mismos y de la actitud con la que los enfrentamos :)

  7. Avi espero que estes mejor :( el dinero siempre sera un problema y debemos pasarlo a segundo plano, va y viene, a veces abunda y a veces vamos a buscar monedas abajo del sofa. Considero que si te sientes incomoda por el estado actual de tu fisico, siempre se puede hacer algo para ayudarte a sentirte mejor, busca pasarelas de modelos curvilineas, date un dia de relajacion en tu casa y mimate con mascarillas y cremas hechas en casa, y ya si de plano estas inconforme comer mejor te hara sentir bien por dentro y por fuera. Ser talla 2-0 no te hara mas bonita de lo que eres, pero si es lo que necesitas para tener mas confianza, adelante!! (a mi me paso, te lo digo por experiencia, estuve totalmente en tu posicion)

    Animo, te mando besos :) y si ocupas a alguien con quien hablar sabes donde vivo <3

  8. I think you look great like you are now - but I didn't know how you looked before. In general I think all this pressure to be skinny and super fit is too much, just nobody has time to go to the gym everyday for 2 hours, eat healthy all the time, be tanned, styled gorgeous and have the most expensive clothes. I'm always not really happy with my body, but well, is there anybody really happy with all of his/her boy? I started Yoga and Pilates one year ago, and since I'm doing this on a regular routine, I'm feeling much better, maybe it will help you too?
    I hope you'll feel better soon, and p.s. for the skirt: it's from Mango this season, it's sold out online, but maybe you'll find it in the stores? I'm sure it would look great on you!

    xxx Anita

  9. Avi, don't let anybody-- including yourself-- tell you that you are not beautiful. I'd have to agree with everyone else that curvier just looks BETTER! you need to have some fat on you, frankly, to look natural. Super skinny girls don't glow the way bigger girls do. I'm a size 6--I'm not tiny--and i have quite a pad of fat on my stomach. Yeah, wearing a bathing suit sucks. But I love who I am. I appreciate the other things. Look at the rest of it--you have amazing facial features. you are NOT overweight. Your smile brings a smile to MY face! And personally, i think hips make women look better!
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  10. hola guapa¡¡ acabo de conocer tu blog y me ha encantado¡¡ te invito a que pases a visitar el mio¡¡ que te parece si nos seguimos?? un besote¡¡


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