Guest Post by Joono Choi of Oh No It’s Joono

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

I'm so happy to post this guest post of the wonderful Joono of Oh No It's Joono. 


The Art of Mixing Old With New
Guest Post by Joono Choi of Oh No It’s Joono

With age come wrinkles…and diapers. Neither are flattering and no one wants to accept the day they become a reality.

Fashion can easily be seen in the same light. Trends move at a light-speed pace. Polka dots are in one season, out the next. The hottest thing right now may be anything in Oxblood. But tomorrow, our style mood changes and the Oxblood scarf we purchased on impulse is suddenly irrelevant.

However, though the pressure of ever-changing trends may be overwhelming, fashion is cyclical. The silhouette that is popular in the moment was a silhouette from the past, though it may have been modified.

Take this past summer’s cut off shorts craze. “Daisy Dukes” became popularized in the 1970’s. This season may have paired them with crop tops (1980’s anyone??) but it was a fashion thought birthed 40 years back.

So how do you successfully merge vintage pieces with new trends? The key is in identifying what era the trend was originally popular and going on a hunt for a vintage piece that fits the look you’re aiming for. Also, there are certain classic looks that never go out of style. Those are the vintage pieces you want to find and hold onto for dear life.

Leopard prints, high waisted shorts and pants, crop tops, retro prints… these are all trends you can find in your local vintage store. In addition to those, you want to keep your eye out for real leather boots, beautiful vintage jewelry, well-tailored blazers and floral prints as classic looks you can be sure will always play into your outfit no matter the trend.

Here’s a curated look with both vintage and new pieces:

1.    Vintage School Blazer
2.     Current Elliott Camo Skinny Jeans
3.     J. Crew Graphic Tee
4.     Holiday Red Scarf
5.     Marc Jacobs Platform Booties
6.     Pamela Love Spike Rings

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Did you like it?  I think it is amazing how to combined vintage pieces to our wardrobe.

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