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lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014


A Jane Austen inspired shop

As a huge fan of Jane Austen, I always looking for merchandise of her books. Her books's quotes are very inspirational. Also Mr. Darcy's quotes are my favorite. So this Etsy's store is perfect for what I'm looking for. 
As you may know, yesterday was Audrey Hepburn's 85th Birthday. Google was fantastic. Really loved her Audrey Hepburn's logo. I was sleeping when I started to hear my phone with a lot of notifications if I already saw the logo. I think everybody know how passionate I am of her. Well, I found this 12 things you didn't know about her classic for her birthday. 

Harry Potter is a big part of my life. The books were with me at difficult and happy times. I really love this saga. Also I love Star Wars, Darth Vader was my first childhood friend and my first email account was princess_avi_vader. My little brother send me this video and it's hilarious. You really need to watch it. 

4. Talk to me in Typo
This is a mexican blogger. Sadly her blog is mostly in Spanish. I really like Bibiana's blog. It has design, book reviews, fashion and photography. She is a wonderful person and she really inspires me. 

5. Blogilates
Exercise and me cannot be together. We are like oil and water.  I hate exercise. I am terrible at sports. Thanks to that I have been gaining some weight and I found this Youtube Channel. It is the perfect combination of doing exercise at home.  Casey is very energetic and her exercises are easy to follow.

Have a nice day and please share your favorite's links or websites.
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  1. Me gusta cuando nos recomiendas sitios y blogs, siempre es bueno andar descubriendo cosas! Me encanta todo esta vez, desde lo de Breakfast at Tiffany's hasta el blog de Bibi (que escribe como una grande) y la tienda de Etsy inspirada en Austen!

    Feliz lunes :D


  2. Qué maravilla de recomendaciones!! Un besazo


  3. Avi siempre me paso a leerte y a pesar de que no suelo dejar comentarios (muy mal de mi parte) me considero una fiel lectora de tu blog entonces,¿cuál fue mi reacción cuando al estar leyendo tus recomendaciones vi mi blog? Pura alegría. ¡Sin lugar a duda! En serio muchas gracias por tan lindas palabras hacia mi pequeño espacio y persona.

    Sé que compartimos el mismo gusto por Jane Austen así que de inmediato corri a ver la tienda que pusiste ya que no la conocía y debo decir que me fascinó.

    Muchas gracias nuevamente por la mención.
    ¡Un abrazo!



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