miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

I was wearing:

Italian Heels
Floral Blouse-Papaya
Pink Pants-Forever 21
Vintage Pin

Just a quick look. This is my last week on school and then finals. I'm so nervous right now. I want everything to be over. I need vacations and free time. 

About the look, what i really like about this look is that it is very fresh and the little details like the vintage pin and my heels that I bought them on trip to Italy.  I wish I have more pics but my boyfriend is not the best photographer. He is trying his best to take me pictures of my looks. 

I hope everybody is having a wonderful week and if you are on finals like me, i wish you the best and you can do it :)


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  1. this is so cuteee!! love the pink with the contrast of the dark shoes.. it just works perfectly!


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