How to wear the Ballerina Skirt

lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

I was wearing:

Ballerina Skirt from Romwe //  Basic Black Tank Top from Forever 21// 
Kitten Heels from Call It Spring

On the opening of Sex and the City we saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing a ballerina skirt. That moment, every girl in the world wanted to wear one. I wasn't the exception.

I never went to ballet classes but I had always wanted to go. The reason was because I could wear those beautiful customs.  Even Edgar Degas's ballerinas are one of my favorite paintings.

I cannot express my love when I spotted this ballerina skirt at Romwe. It was like a dream come true. It is a very beautiful and magical skirt. The fabric have shining details. I wish you can see it on the photos. Maybe I'm not a dancer but I felt like one with this outfit.  

I wanted all the details to be classic, feminine and romantic. 

Have a magical and beautiful monday <3

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  1. Amé el outfit, parece sacado de alguna película tipo de Woody Allen o formas parte del cast de Funny Face. Considero que el ballet es una de las expresiones artísticas más puras que puede haber porque denota delicadeza, fragilidad y siempre se involucra un buen grado de belleza. Me encanta verlo, por eso Black Swan es una de mis películas favoritas jajaja Excelentes las fotografías, Avi!


  2. Qué linda Avi! Es un outfit muy clásico, delicado y femenino, totalmente ligado a tu personalidad, me recuerda mucho a expresiones artísticas como el ballet! Oye también elegiste una locación magnífica, felicidades por eso! Buenísimo post!


  3. Those pictures of you sitting on the couch are so cute! It reminds me a little of those Marilyn Monroe photos where she's wearing a tutu and sitting on the chair looking lovely. Cute skirt, btw!

    xo Azu

  4. Great:) x


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