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sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

I’m back from my vacations and I feel very relaxed. I had so much fun with my dad, my three year old little sister (who finally said my name correctly) and my brother. It was incredibly enjoyable. We boarded a boat, we tried the zip-wire, we ate a lot and we enjoyed the cold weather in Ensenada. Nothing compared to the heat of Mexicali, my city.

Since I had Money, I bought three books and a perfume. Lovestruck by Vera Wang was the one I bought, and at first I wanted it only because Leighton Meester is the face of the campaign, but then I smelt it and I wanted more. It smells like tangerine, according to my dad. The three books are fabulous, two of them are about fashion illustration, one explains drawing techniques, and the other is about clothes. The third book is my Game of Thrones novel, and is finally with me! I’m happy, now I have something to read at night.

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  1. Mmm, I've smelled that perfume before and agree - it's just delicious! I have the plain Vera Wang Princess perfume and like that too

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  2. Hola linda, encontre por aqui hace poco y queria dejarte las gracias por tu blog. Lovely photos and very inspiring looks! xx

  3. me encanta Game of thrones!! no puedo esperar a ver que pasa en la siguiente temporada! jaja tendré que leer!

  4. El libro para ilustrar tiene muy buena pinta!

  5. los libros de ilustración estarán muy padres..amo dibujar y ademas doy clases de en Universidad Vizcaya de las Americas en la carrera de diseño de moda.. si necesitas ayuda o tienes dudas, me dices :) vas a entrar a estudiar eso? o es por hobby?
    vi tu mensaje, y te conteste en mi post pero por si no lo lees, te lo comento aquí.. que claro que sí, estaría bien ir por un cafe o algo.. tu dime por mi pagina de facebook me puedes mandar inbox.. o intercambiamos radios tmb.. estaria cool :)


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