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martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

{Photos by tumblr}
{The haircut that inspired to cut my long hair}

 It’s been a year since I cut off my hair like Emma Watson, pixie style.

Ever since I was eleven I’ve been a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, and I grew up watching the British actress Emma Watson, I really liked the way she dressed, it was simple and feminine but I never looked at her as a fashion icon, and I never thought that she would influence my dressing style, until she cut her hair two years ago.

It was shocking to see her pixie cut, we all had a big surprise, and I actually didn’t like it at all until I saw her Seventeen photo shoot on the august issue. The only reason I bought the magazine was to go to a hairdressing salon and cut my hair like that.

She inspired me to cut off my long hair; I had spent three years trying to make it grow. I wanted something new and refreshing. She looked so feminine with that cut that I really wanted it; I never wanted a haircut so badly. I actually felt liberated and it was something new in my life. Now my hair is over my shoulders, and it’s been a year. So fast.

After the haircut I watched carefully the way she dressed to learn how to combine my new haircut with a new style. Since she cut off her hair, Emma Watson improved her style and I love it. It’s still simple but with a distinguished-looking, and I think every girl from any social class and sizes could fit her dressing style because of its simplicity.

She’s a very stable girl, and I love her for being my Hermione.

Little monsters, I change the design of the blog, did you like it? I really love it, especially the color. Purple is my favorite color. 


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  1. Man Avi, you really stepped up the blog! I love the new layout and header.
    Also, I love Emma Watson as well. Harry Potter is still one of my favorite book/movie series! :D

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  2. me encanta su estilo!!

    besos guapa.

  3. Me gusta su estilo, desde que se corto el cabello esta preciosa.

  4. Hola guapa!!! acabo de descubrir tu blog y ya tienes una nueva seguidora :)

    te dejo mi blog por si te quieres pasar, y si te gusta, sigueme ;)

    un besotee enormee!!!

  5. total stylish woman!

    estoy pasando por primera vez a tu blog, desde ahora te sigo.
    Espero estemos en contacto vía google friend connect!

    un beso!

  6. She is amazing :)

  7. Nice new design!
    I like her cut, I even had something like that too. Now I want to have long hair, but it takes so much time to make them grow, much more than getting a new fresh short cut! :D

    Daria from

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