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jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

This is a new section of my blog. I will interview my favorite bloggers so you can check them out and follow them {Of course, if you like them}.

My first interview is this small girl from Idaho and owner of a huge collection of shoes, Linda  from Trendy Teal. 

Linda is your girl next door. She is wonderful and what I love about her blog is her writing style. It's like you are reading your best friend's journal. Not only she is showing you her looks but also she writes about her life as a student and family. Now let's go the interview. 

1.     Hi Linda! Please tell us a little about yourself.
Hello there! I’m just a simple girl who happens to have a penchant for anything artsy – and that happens to include fashion. I’m in my first year of college and majoring in English. As for what I plan to do with that, I’m not sure yet. All I know is that I love writing, traveling, and creativity! So who knows where that will take me. I’m just having fun figuring it out along the way.

2.     When did you decide to start blogging?
I started Trendy Teal during my Senior year of high school. It was just a fun, creative outlet for me. Practically no one read it during the first few months, and I didn’t mind a bit. I just liked keeping a photo journal of my favorite outfits and writing little bits down about my day.

3.     What has been the best experience you’ve with your blog?
Most definitely the amazing readers I’ve gotten to know through it (yourself included Avi!). I’m still blown away that people are reading my thoughts and respond to it! I feel like I have an amazing support system through it. I went through a rough time about a month ago, and the encouragement I received from readers definitely helped me pull through.

4.     I really love your blog, and I read you went to Philippines, tell us your experience and in what way this experience influenced your style?
Ah, now that is a trip I’m still missing. The heat, the exotic food, the people, the jeepneys! Haha, I loved it there, and I think I took away a sense of simplicity from the visit. While I was there, I was reminded once again by just how much I have. So nowadays, my style is a little more toned down and simple. But don’t worry – I’ll always have a penchant for crazy shoes.

5.    Now for you, what is fashion?
Fashion is the ability to speak without saying words. It allows you to express yourself and can change other’s expectations. So why fall to a uniform of sweats and hoodies?

6.     How do you define your style? On your blog, I always saw you are very versatile and manage to wear all the trends.
Oh man, this is something I often wonder myself! Haha, I like experimenting and have gone through some phases. For a while I was very drawn to bohemian styles, and I’ll usually revert to that during summer. However, as of right now, I like simple, edgy looks (think simple colored tops, combat boots, and slouchy beanies paired with aviators).

7.     Best and worst look.
I still cringe when mom breaks out the photo albums covering my pre-teen years. Picture it: sloppy bangs with a middle part, mud brown top with a teeny ruffle on the sleeves, and baggy, puke green sweats. Eesh. Maybe I’m painting it worse than it was, but yeah, that was me in 7th grade. Not the best nor most fashionable time in my life.

Best would have to be the time I wore a long, empire waisted dress for my Senior Homecoming. Goodness, I loved that dress. It had a white bodice, a bright pink sash, and then this pleated, silky black skirt. The best part was my matching, bright pink heels that peeked out whenever I walked and the dress swished along with me. I was crowned queen that year, and I remember smiling so big. Because that’s always the best look a girl can wear – a happy smile!

8.     Any tip you want to share for those who are starting a blog?
Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Also, pay attention to your readers – if they took time to read your blog and leave a comment, why not pop by theirs?

Thanks Linda for this amazing interview. If you want to know more about her and her life, please follow her blog, Trendy Teal. 


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  1. Buena entrevista! La verdad es que no conocía su blog y me da gusto conocerlo ahora gracias a tu post! Se ve que es una niña super linda y con los pies en la tierra :)

  2. Linda's awesome! She has great style, and I really liked how honest she was with her readers about everything she saw and learned on her trip to the Philippines. I really appreciated her level of insight.

    I started an interview feature on my blog as well! Here's my very first one if you're interested: Kristina from Kiki's Parlour.


  3. Gracias por presentarnos a esta blogger, no la conocía pero la verdad es que me agrado mucho!

  4. me encantan los pantalones galácticos! muy buena entrevista
    un besito


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